Thursday, January 23, 2020

Benefits of the Weight Watchers Program Essay -- Health Nutrition Diet

Benefits of the Weight Watchers Program Weight Watchers is an excellent program to aid in weight loss and healthy eating. It is an easy, healthy, and effective method for losing weight and eating correctly. Weight Watchers has based their program on a point system, making it easy to follow by counting points assigned to foods. It promotes healthy eating habits by regulating serving sizes, which are set by the United States Department of Agriculture. In addition to promoting healthy eating habits, it offers support for people who might need it. The support, along with the eating plan, helps dieters lose weight and eat healthy. Weight Watchers is very easy to follow. This is because the program has allocated a point value to every food. The points are related to the amount of calories the food contains; the more calories a food has, the more points it is given. For example, one apple has one point. The dieter is allowed a certain number of points per day, therefore restricting the amount of calories from anywhere between 1200 and 1700. Depending o...

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